Should Your Thanksgiving Table Include a Plate for Your Pet?

It is nearly Thanksgiving and many of us our planning our holiday menus.  Should our Thanksgiving table include a plate for our pets?  We say, yes!  However, you must make sure to follow a few simple tips to ensure your pet does not get sick.

Turkey – You can offer your pet a small amount of unseasoned turkey without the skin and bones.  Bones can lead to choking and GI obstructions if they are swallowed that usually requires surgery.  Also, only offer turkey if you know it agrees with your pet.

Sweet Potatoes– Your pet can enjoy sweet potatoes cooked and prepared plain.  Sweet potatoes that have had spice or sugar added to them should be saved for humans only.

Stuffing– Stuffing should be avoided as there are many spices that your pets cannot easily tolerate. Also, stuffing tends to have ingredients such as raisins, grapes and onions that can be toxic to your pet.

Pumpkin Pie– You should not give your pet pumpkin pie.  The spices can aggravate their digestive tract. However, you can offer them some plain, canned pumpkin.  This can be a delicious treat and it aids in digestion.

If you do decide to have your pet participate in Thanksgiving with you, keep these other safety tips in mind.
1.   Make sure that all items served to your pet are plain, void of spice and bones.
2.   Keep portions small and limit it to only a couple of items.
3.   When you are done cooking, make sure to take the trash out immediately.  Many times the smells are very enticing and your pet will find their way to the kitchen trash and ingest harmful items.
4.   Make sure that any live floral arrangements do not have lilies in them.  These flowers are extremely toxic to cats and can cause kidney failure.
5.   Inspect decorations for any small parts that might appear to be toys to your pet and swallowed by accident.
6.   Remember that chocolate can be very toxic to your pet.  Keep all baking chocolates and baked goods out of your pet’s reach.

There is usually lots of activity going on during Thanksgiving.  We recommend creating a safe, quiet place for your pet that will help ease their stress levels.  Also, remember to inform your guests at their arrival not to feed your pet any table scraps.

Dr. Alex and all the staff of Pet Xpert Animal Clinic wish you, your families, and your pets a very Happy Thanksgiving!  We are so thankful for your business this year and entrusting us with the care of your pet.

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