The whole staff here is just wonderful! I just started going here with my two kittens, Caffeine and Kilo, and every time we’ve been it’s been hassle free. The prices are very reasonable. You can tell that all the staff members love what they do. They were so careful and sweet with my kittens. Highly recommend!! So glad I found this place!

Ramon N.

Great vet service. Dr. Alex and Beth are great!

David S.

This place is great… Found a new Vet.

K. Turner

Everyone at the clinic was very nice, caring, and professional. The staff listened to my concerns and took great care of my baby, Mr. Peeps!

M. Tessinari

I have to say that I do love this office…..there are just some places u feel comfortable at and this is one of places… the staff is wonderful and the doc himself is so nice and patient. Recommend this vet for ur furry needs….

C. Cooke

The entire staff was GREAT with our Lulu. We had a thoroughly pleasant experience and were blown away with how inexpensive this vet was. Affordable Professional Care? This is the place!

W. Knapp

This vet is amazing … superior to all vets I’ve worked with. I’m glad my wife picked them for our family vet. They were so responsive and professional very cut and dry and to the point and asked me if i had any questions about anything they were doing… both my dogs fluffy and roxie show a sign of trust with the doctor I’ve never seen with any animal I’ve owned ..plus the doctor likes to take selfies with the animals … the office staff is happy and friendly. I would honestly rate them higher then 5* if i could. Roxie finished all her shots on her 6/11 appointment.
She got her 3rd selfie and was so excited to see her DR i love this vets office so much cause of the love and care for animals here. Planning on keeping her on quarterly welfare checks just to make sure all is going well with her and so she can see her favorite Dr.

S. Lee

Wow. Not only is the staff angels- Reuben at the front is ALWAYS so kind- but Dr. Alex is a true saving grace. I had my male Australian shepherd Knox neutered at a clinic that did, what appeared to be, a complete botch job. They stitched him back in an X shape, causing the tissue to easily pull apart and the wound to open ON THE SAME NIGHT HE CAME HOME! I called Pet Xpert after hours to set an Early appointment. Not only did someone return my call that night, Dr. Alex even offered to open the shop up that night just so my fur child could be seen, and also offered an appointment thirty minutes earlier than regular hours as they were booked for normal hours following. I could not believe the kindness and TRUE CONCERN AND CARE. After examination and it was determined the job was not done proportionally and the wound would take twice as long to heal, and the inflammation was very high and concerning. Dr. Alex offered to basically re-do the entire stitch job and clean him up so it is done correctly, and even offered a Much lower rate. I cannot believe the kindness out of this clinic. Especially during these trying times, I am eternally and forever grateful. Knox will continue to be seen by this office and Dr. Alex for years to come.

K. Steirer-Russ

I have a cat that needed spaying. He found her to have a serious infection that another nearby vet missed. He spayed her and took very good care of her and did not price gauge me. He is kind and his staff is wonderful. They seem to actually care about the animals. Recommend very highly.

D. Travis

Dr. Alex and his staff are so compassionate, patient, honest, knowledgeable and trustworthy they deserve five + *stars. We were so worried when we brought our 13 year old Silky Terrier in for her first visit with Dr. Alex. She had a very large tumor on her right side, one on her urethra, one on her throat and several others on different parts of her body. She had developed a cough and wheezing that distressed her every time it happened. We thought surely we would be told to put her down which neither my husband or I wanted to do but we didn’t want to be selfish and keep her here if she was in pain.

Dr. Alex didn’t say “put down” not once even though I asked him several times. He did tell us that if the large tumor ruptured it would cause her a painful and horrible death. His recommendation was to do blood work to see if she was healthy enough for surgery. The blood work was done and she was in great shape, the surgery was done and he advised us that it was cancer. He also told us that he felt more small tumors that in his opinion were also cancer. He also saw shadows on her lungs which could be cancer as well. We asked what more could be done? He said chemo was very expensive and uncomfortable for the dog and he would not recommend it. I thought to myself “what a surprise! He has not tried to put his hands deep into our pockets!” can he be real? He is most certainly very real! Jazzy’s surgery was done and we picked her up after the office closed and Dr. Alex explained how her surgery went, what he saw and what her prognosis was. I kept trying to get an answer to how long will we have her. He looked up and said just love and enjoy her until God wants her. That was December 2019. Today is April 11,2020 and our little girl acts like a puppy, races around at warp speed, plays with her squeaky toys and is her old self. Dr. Alex will be our first and only choice for the care of our precious Jazzy Boo!

I was an AKC Miniature Schnauzer Breeder for more than 20 years. Through those years I have been lucky enough to meet a few vets who were well trained and some were compassionate but not one could compare to Dr. Alex. We are new to Apopka and just took a chance with Dr. Alex because I liked the website. I left a text message one night and had an appointment the next day. Since we are new to the area we seem to get lost every time we have an appointment with Dr. Alex. The staff never gets upset about it and neither does Dr. Alex. When it comes to patience and understanding they excel

Thank you 🙏 bless you all. You have given us a chance to love ❤️ our sweet little girl each day as long as she is comfortable and God doesn’t need her in heaven.

J. Strier

We LOVE Dr. Alex. He is caring and compassionate, and his love for his patients shines through everything he does. He’s great with our dog and even involved our 3 year old daughter in the examination. Love him and his staff! No better Vet!

J. Swisher Crouse

Yes!! Everyone is great !

J. Ray

This is where I take my pets. When my cat passed away I don’t think I could have handled it without the staff here. They are all so caring and knowledge!

D. Brown

Dr. Alex is WONDERFUL!!!!
AMAZING STAFF and Amazing doctor

R. Carroll Music

Love this place Dr. Alex is a great guy and seems to really love our pets

R. Iiames

Courteous, helpful and informative

R. Acevedo

I was recommended to this wonderful place by my sister-in-law and have brought in my second fur baby here. Dr. Alex is such a wonderful and caring Vet! Ruben is also Awesome and shows his love for our babies. The girls are truly gems; this is the place to bring your little Loved Ones!

S. McDermott

Great veterinary clinic and Dr. Alex is very kind and gentle. Their prices are reasonable and the staff are very accommodating. Love Pet Xpert of Apopka!

C. Foster

I love this clinic! The atmosphere is very friendly and they are very welcoming to the whole family! I took my pup here for his second set of shots and was very impressed with the customer service as well as the manner of the doctor. The Dr. got down to my pups level and was very friendly with him. His staff was also. I had my 4 year old with us and they were very accommodating to her also. I’m very excited and happy to have Dr. Alex as our vet and we are very lucky. Thank you 😊

K. Sanders Edmund

The dr is like family very living and attentive… actually all the employees are great …

M. Lutz

This is by far the best veterinarians office I have ever been too. Not only is Dr. Alex a very professional and compassionate veterinarian, but his staff is just as compassionate and friendly.

J. Smith

I was wanting to find another vet that would be caring and understanding for my little girl Aurora. She has been through enough and I need to get to the bottom of her health issues. Dr Alex was very understanding and compassionate with Aurora through the whole process. Even after waiting a few extra mins it was well worth the time. I have only seen him twice so far and Aurora is doing much better with some of the health issues. I would recommend this clinic to all my animal family and friends. Their office goes above and beyond than any clinic’s I have seen in the past. I will be taking her there going forward as long as I am in close rang of the clinic,
Thank you Dr. Alex and Pet Xpert Clinic for all your warm and kindness environment.🐶

A. Garayua

DR Alex is the best he truly cares and loves his career. All of our pets come here. He is great , ensures that every visit is smooth, if we have questions he takes time to answer and inform . We have had all kinds of visits from just normal vaccinations to emergencies and even had one of our families dog that was pregnant under he’s care.

T. Waleri

Great, caring staff! Wonderful customer service and they genuinely LOVE all animals!

D. LaraRivera

Best Vet. in central Florida! We love Dr. Alex. Dr. Alex is so kind and loving to all of our fury family members, he takes the time to explain and does not rush to leave the room. I have and will continue to recommend Dr Alex to anyone and everyone I meet who has a pet.

D. Boyd

Dr. Alex is absolutely amazing! His compassion for animals goes above and beyond the typical veterinarian experience. He takes his time with you’re pet and his staff is professional and caring as well. I love Rueben and his ability to calm the animals down whether for surgery or a necessary nail trim. Dr Alex has treated our 5 pack of rescues now since we moved here 3 years ago. We are Blessed to have such an affordable option here in Apopka. I should also mention it is the Cleanest best smelling animal clinic I’ve ever visited. Cannot sing his praises enough.

D. Brown

Dr. Alex is a special man. He has superior “bedside manner” for your fur babies. He has a special heart and he and his staff are AMAZING. In the midst of a difficult time with our dog Cody he has been so empathic and a real source of encouragement. While most Vets seem to be filled with greed trying to siphon as much money as they can, Dr. ALEX is the exact opposite. Thank you Dr. ALEX you are a gift to our family.

I. Clark

Very grateful for Dr. Alex and his staff. I was on my way to put my dog down due to excessive swelling and pain. She no longer could get up and was declining. She had been on medication from a previous vet and it wasn’t working. I made a decision to take her to get euthanize. Immediately Dr. Alex examined the dog and concluded it was an infection. He changed her meds and now my dog is feeling much better. Thank you Dr. Alex for giving her a second chance!

P. Sharkey

Friendly, informative and great pricing. The dr and staff are great with the patients

L. Cisneros

Awesome staff great prices – CLEAN!!

C. Lim

Hi Dr. Alex. Thank you so much for taking care of Mika. R.I.P. Mika.

T. Seda

I’m here with Dr. Alex and his staff right now due to a recommendation online, and he is the absolute best! They aren’t exaggerating. My dog is so hyper and was jumping all over him and he remained calm, focused and was letting her and listened to all of my concerns thoroughly. A great dr and glad to have found our permanent veterinary facility!

S. Cremer

Great animal clinic. Highly recommend

T. Jones

Dr. Alex is great! Staff is amazing too 🤩

Dana G. 

Everyone was SO nice and we were in and out quickly. You can tell Dr. Alex loves all the animals so much.

Kearsa P.

We changed vets after a bad experience. One of my dogs is very scared but the Doctor was so understanding and caring. During appointments you feel like the Doctor is really taking his time and not rushing you out the door. His staff is wonderful as well. So happy we found him.

Anatasia W.

Great vet. Knowledgeable, helpful, caring.

William V.

Dr. Alex is amazing!!! Really cares about your pets and has a great staff. Very informative, helpful and understanding of you and your pet’s needs.


Fast service! I was seen the day after I called. They were so kind and made sure to give me all the information I would need. The establishment is clean and stylish. I felt very safe leaving my cat. He got neutered at 1 years old. He seemed to not be in any pain, he actually healed pretty fast. I even got a phone call after the surgery to make sure everything was going well and to answer any questions/concerns I might have had. I definitely recommend this clinic. Price was around $120-170. Everything included(post medication as well as rabies vaccine).

Michelle T.

I recently called about an emergency with my cat. Just on the phone they already had me feeling calmer about the situation. Thank you!

Kimberly H.

Wonderful and caring.

Pam F.

Love Dr Alex and his staff!!! Dr Alex listens to your concerns!!! He has helped our dog get through allergy issues when 3 other vets could not!!! His staff is so pleasant and helpful.

Aubrey E.

Dr. Alex and his staff goes above and beyond. They are always friendly, patient and compassionate. Dr. Alex truly cares about you and your pet. During our visits, he goes out of his way to make sure my questions, and my kids questions are answered, even letting my kids wear the stethoscope and listen to their pet’s heart beat. There’s been a couple times that I’ve called the office after hours thinking I would just get a voicemail, but Dr. Alex answered the phone himself. He could have told me to call back during operating hours, but instead he patiently listened to my concerns, gave me advice, and scheduled an appointment for the next day. I would highly recommend Pet Xpert Animal Clinic to anyone.

Kat K.

Dr. Alex and every person on his staff has been gracious, caring wonderful people. I highly recommend them to take care of your little family members. If there was a way to leave more than five stars I would. Best animal clinic ever!

Jennifer Marvin

Dr. Alex and his staff are EXCELLENT PROFESSIONALS. You can expect genuine empathy and honesty. We are so happy to have them in our community.

Lisa M Deyo

Can’t brag enough about Dr. Alex and his amazing staff. Mr. Ruben is so wonderful with my Boo Bear. I will never go anywhere else. Super clean, super friendly and just plain super all round. Thank you all for all that you do for my fur babies. 5 stars from me

Marilyn Brubaker

Dr. Alex is the best! Compassionate, caring and loves the animals. His staff is great too. Love taking my fur baby there. I highly recommend Dr. Alex and his staff.

David Torres

Amazing people who we have grown to love. Wouldn’t hesitate to take your fur babies to Dr. Alex and his staff.

Robert Baldwin

The staff are always amazing and the vet himself is the best. We drive over an hour just to take our furry family members here.

Jillian Pride

Dr. Alex and his team are amazing! Great people, great prices, and very helpful! I have had to call after hours a few times and it was never a problem. I won’t take my dogs anywhere else.

Angel Padilla

Dr. Alex and his staff are simply amazing. They truly care about every animal.

Brooke Baggett

So kind and caring and great prices! Open to any questions. Highly recommend!

Martha Rydberg

Great animal clinic. Knowledgeable, caring and friendly staff.

Hope Woycehoski

They were so good with my dog. There was no wait. Quick and easy

Sarah Davis

Excellent staff and Dr. Alex is amazing! They take the time/care to evaluate your fur babies, listen to your concerns, and explain everything thoroughly about any treatment needed. He’s also one of the few vets our dog lets handle her, which says alot! So relieved to finally find a vet we can trust, and bonus points: doesn’t cost a fortune. Definitely recommend!

Llasheda Afeto

Dr Alex and staff is very knowledgeable and takes great care with your fur baby, they also offer great prices.

Alejandra Ortega

Super nice staff. Got an appointment for the same day. I took my great dane for the first time , my dog was not very happy and was being extremely aggresive and they were patient and very understanding. Dr. Alex took his time and did his job, I was worried he was going to make me leave with my dog (lol). Very affordable, I am definitely making them our family Vet!!

Inez Sanders

Only place I will take my dogs!!!

Aye Mami

Love love LOVE….MY Vet. The stars says it ALL!!!!!!!
MY sister,roommate,and myself all take our animal babies there. they’re amazing.all of’m


Dr Alex and his staff are so kind they truly care for your fur baby like their own. Dr Alex is the best he takes the time to explain everything making sure you understand what he’s doing. The best vet around!

Luis Gonzalez

Is best Dr.He really care Dogs, Cats..is Price also is Good, in compared with others Clinic

Adriane Bateman

Dr Alex and his staff are unbelievably amazing! In all the years I’ve visited different veterinary clinics, no other office comes close to Pet Xpert Animal Clinic’s service. The staff is incredibly caring and thoughtful. (Shout out to Ruben!!!!) They make you and your animal feel comfortable and cared about. This review is pertaining to only having to take our pup in for a nail trim! An inexpensive visit where the vet wasn’t trying to sell us other products and services, they just genuinely cared about what concerns we had that day. Today, I called back to schedule annual vaccines etc. and Ruben answered with a very pleasant demeanor. He talked me through things I didn’t understand and made some excellent recommendations based around our concerns with medications. Taking your pet to the vet is never a trip anyone looks forward to (especially the pets), but my family feels a lot better knowing we’ve made the right choice by choosing Pet Xpert to take care of our dog! Thanks guys!!

Connie Robinson

Great place to take your dog!!! Awesome care!!!!

Kim Klein

The hardest decision I have ever had to make was to put my little Cloe down after finding out she had cancer. She was not just a dog but part of our family. Dr. Alex and his staff were amazing from beginning to end. He allowed my family and I all the time needed to say our goodbye’s. There is really never enough time but he stayed late just for us. I had called the clinic a few days later to make sure all the monies due were paid, the receptionist had put me on a brief hold and yet again he took his time to pick up the line and ask how we all were. I highly recommend his office if you are looking for care of your pet (family member). Every staff member including Dr. Alex are all very compassionate for the care of your fur baby in sickness or in health. Thank you and your staff for all of your kindness. When the time comes and we open our hearts again we will definitely go back to his office!

Maria Quiros

It’s the best pet clinic in the world!

David Walton

Been going here for a few years now. I have 4 dogs and never had a problem. We even had an emergency and Dr Alex took care of our dog fast and didn’t over charge us. The best part is Dr Alex really loves our pets, he even gets on the ground with them to earn their trust.

Shaina Stouffer

Amazing staff. Treated my cat amazingly.

Juli Maya

Amaizing how they were available to cut my dog’s nails ( everybody refusedme before). Doctor alex was amaizing and i would recomend them to anyone for now on they are my place to go . THANK YOU 💙

Robert Cardwell

Went yesterday and had an amazing experience, the staff is super upbeat and happy which shows they actually enjoy their jobs, which means they actually care! I must have been offered coffee and water 20 times! haha which is great even though I did not accept it. Worth the 45 minutes drive 100%.

Glen B

Dr. Alex is a Brilliant and compassionate Veterinarian. His Staff is a direct extension of his vision for his practice, I love and respect all
of them. Dr. Alex goes above and beyond in every aspect of his practice. My Dog has a Lethal Disease called Bilateral Renal
Dysplasia. There is no cure and he has lived far beyond his expected life span due to our efforts and Holistic means. But we have
reached the point where we needed modern medicine and Dr. Alex went way above and beyond for us and Koda. I have never
experienced such compassion and excellent care as his practice and especially his staff all of them.I could mention names but they
are all great with out exception. IF YOU NEED A VET, CALL DR. ALEX YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

Amy P

They are all caring and honest when it comes to pricing! Love my new vet…my four legged babies also love them there! Ive noticed that the stress is low during the visit and they are not traumatized! Highly recommended

Belinda O

I take my dogs Ronno and Roxie there for the past two years. We found Dr. Alex by luck when looking for a second option and never went back to old vet. Now we moved to Davenport and still travel all the way to Apopka for his excellent service. Side note my Ronno is a big brute and Dr. Alex is the only vet that welcomes him with open arms and Ruben at the front desk is our favorite loves our dogs as well and is extremely helpful.

Rosemarie C

He is the best takes time to talk to you about issue and really loves his job and animals super plus. Staff very friendly and helpful too.

William V

Dr. Alex is amazing!!! Really cares about your pets and has a great staff. Be mindful of the handshake 

Belinda O

I take my dogs Ronno and Roxie there for the past two years. We found Dr. Alex by luck when looking for a second option and never went back to old vet. Now we moved to Davenport and still travel all the way to Apopka for his excellent service. Side note my Ronno is a big brute and Dr. Alex is the only vet that welcomes him with open arms and Ruben at the front desk is our favorite loves our dogs as well and is extremely helpful.

Paul D

Good doctor

Lilly T

Dr. Alex is AWESOME! He was the only vet who was able to cure my dog’s ear infection after just one visit by prescribing the right meds. We had been to many vets in the area and none could figure out why it was a reoccurring issue. Also, our cat stopped eating and was very lethargic, after a few diagnostics and meds, she is back to normal. He is very loving to the pets and truly cares and makes his own phone calls to check on our pets. Lastly, his prices are very affordable and his staff is excellent.


Dr. Alex & his staff are extremely kind, thoughtful & treat our labs as if they were their own! They’re also very kind to us humans…always offering coffee or water. The absolute BEST VET in Apopka!!

Mario O

Excellent care and very pleasant staff. Dr. Alex is a wonderful listener and treats every patient as his own pet. Highly recommended

Pam B

This vet is the greatest! First of all I found him on Google you know your pet always gets sick on the weekend and that’s exactly why I Googled him to find a place open on the weekend that wasn’t going to charge me out the blank. The prices are reasonable there are even packages you can buy for your cat or dog as far as shots go and different procedures. He took the time with me to answer all my questions which I had written down my last veterinarian was not so one-on-one but he did a good job and help me I cannot knock him for that and I do appreciate it cuz Brutus was really sick. This gentleman here was a godsend to me. He took more time than I ever expected told me what to do and any questions call him back he even called me back two days later just to see how he was doing. The people in the front office the the techs very professional and nice. These people go the extra mile I can see that this is my second visit and are willing to work with you if possible luckily I have been able to not had not have to do that. The building that they’re in is in a great location very clean inside coffee and water available not only to the owners but to the pets also if you have to wait!

Trish C

I will never be able to fully express how much we love Dr. Alex and his staff. I have never had a Vet with as much compassion, sympathy, empathy and love for his profession as Dr. Alex. Our English Bulldog was having stomach problems. From the moment we stepped foot into the clinic we felt like family. The techs Ruben and Bianca were beyond amazing. They treated our fur baby like it was theirs. Dr. Alex treats you as if you are his only patients and he explains everything in detail. After trying many different options and treatments, we had to make the difficult decision to let our dog cross over the rainbow bridge. Dr. Alex was truly heartbroken for us and even prayed over our fur baby with us. If you are looking for a above and beyond Vet office that makes you feel like family, then go see Dr. Alex and his staff.

Mayte K

Love Dr. Alex and his staff, he is very approachable and they love animals ! Very nice and clean.

Jenny S

Takes great care of our little guy! So patient and friendly 

Trisha C

I can’t explain how amazing this office was. Dr. Alex and his entire staff are. I moved to the area and needed a vet for my dogs. I will never take my dogs anywhere else. Dr. Alex spent so much time with us and truly cared about finding out what was wrong with our dog. A lot of vets will just run a lot of tests just to run them and you end up with a bill that you have to sell a kidney to afford. If you are looking for a Vet office with a family atmosphere and an amazing staff, look no further!

Connie W

Great personal service. Kind and gentle with our pets.
Very pleased with the dr and staff. Very clean fresh atmosphere

Bill S

A great visit. The vet team was caring and very polite. Dr Avila was very thorough with his exam of Beautiful and provided some very good advice for our aging cat. We will return.

Madeline S

I was left vetless when one of Dr. Avila colleague’s referred me to him. What a blessing it has been. My first interaction was with Ruben, what a first impression he left in me. What a lovely young man. I don’t have the words to express the significance that Dr. Avila has played in the health of my furchild. While vacationing in Texas I almost lost my service dog to addison disease. Once stable, I had no idea the longterm need for care. Dr. Avila worked attentively with Jireh’s record from Texas in helping establish a plan of treatment. Dr. Avila and Ruben are very compassionate and show an authentic care for your pet. I requested during my first visit to be with my dog the whole time, and that didn’t seem to bother the Dr., like at other vets that the Dr. becomes defensive. Dr. Avil understood without me having to say a word, that this was a new place for both of us, and as a concern mom I wanted to be with him. He has brought such ease in this time of trouble. As for Glenda, she is great, she has helped me keep track of Jireh’s records/appt. Answers all my ?’s or finds me an answer. This facility is very welcoming, clean and comfortable, peaceful atmosphere. And extremely price conscious. One word sums this place up “TOPNOTCH” Highly recommended.
THANK YOU, Dr. Avila-Ruben-Glenda
I feel better xoxo Jireh!

Izzybella S

Thank you guys for your emergency C-section you would have got a perfect score if I could’ve seen the procedure done.

Melanie G

100% would recommend! I just moved here so finding a new vet was a little nerve racking up first due to the fact my little girl just had a litter of 4 pups however I’m so happy I found such an awesome vet, Doc was so great with them and their momma! Everyone (dogs and myself) were incredibly comfortable there!! Very happy and I don’t see myself taking my dogs anywhere else!

Jen W

We love Dr. Alex and his staff. He’s gentle, he tries less invasive treatment first, and his fees are SO reasonable. He’s closed Saturdays but available Sundays. Appointments are recommended but he’s fit in my sick doggie on a Sunday morning.
We highly recommend this office.

Teri B Smith

Called around for best pricing to have my pup fixed….they beat all the other Apopka Vets by at least $100. It also included an ear cleaning and nail clipping and other needs for free. They are awesome, they went over and beyond my expectations

Carmen D

I’ve been takng my dauchshund Tristian there since he was 10 weeks old. Dr. Alex and Glenda are wonderful. I was trying to find a place to board him when I went on vacation last year and was worried about where to take him. I asked Glenda if they did boarding and they did. I felt relived knowing he would be in great hands. They have wonderful prices aso. I have also referred my mother-in-law.

Ian Clark

Dr. Alex is amazing! He’s wonderful with our 2 dogs. He takes his time doing the exams and is patient answeing all our questions. He really shows that he cares! I would recommend him to everyone!

Laura P

The vet was very compassionate about it little one. We arrived at almost 730 pm with the facility to close at 8pm. We were welcomed with open arms and didn’t leave until 10 minutes to 10pm. We thank the facility for all they did for Lucy. I highly recommend this vet they are very caring and very loving with the animals. They take their time to diagnose and treat our little girl. We will be back for future visits.

Carol S

We thank Dr. Alex and his team for all of their loving care given to our pups. Slowly we are switching gears…he will soon have all 8 of our babies as clients. That’s how much we trust him.

Samantha L

I came home to find out my cat had a goopy eye and was coughing and sneezing a lot. Of course it was Sunday and my vet was closed. I desperately looked for a place that was open on the weekend and didn’t cost my mortgage payment. I got so lucky when I found the Pet Xpert animal clinic! They are open 2 Sundays a month and I drove right over. I was obviously a walk in and they had no problem seeing me. The staff were very friendly and Doctor Alex did a thorough check up and diagnosed quickly. When it came time to pay I got nervous, meds are obviously a little costly but I was pleasantly surprised with the check up fee. I now have a new vet for my furbabies. Thank you guys for the excellent care, she is only 3 days in on meds and is already back to playing, eating and other cat shenanigans.

Kimberly W

Thank you Dr. Alex for taking your time with my daughter today. You were so gracious and generous with your time and services. She loved Pickles the hamster so much and you made us both feel like we made the best decision. She is sad of course, but we took your advice and we celebrated Pickles’ life with some s’mores!

Nicole C

We had the best customer service, dr Alex took such good care of our little girl. We couldn’t have asked for a better place. We didn’t wait long and they explained everything in detail about the issues. Won’t go to any other vet.

Fred C

Good friendly help and service

Samantha M

They are open on the weekend! What more could you ask for!? Besides awesome care of course, which they delivered on. I am very impressed and will drive the 30 minutes in a hearbeat. Thank you for taking care of my cat, she’s already feeling much better.

Alexander A

Great environment. The doctor and all his staff are really nice and kind. Dr. Alex took care of my dog and gave us really good recommendations.

Stephanie A

First time using Pet Xpert & couldn’t be happier! Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended!!!

Holly D

You can tell that the staff here really care about the animals brought in. Our loving Aussie was bitten by snake, and Dr. Alex stayed with him the whole night before he passed. We know he did everything he could to save him. They did a great job, and we will be eternally grateful for what they did for us.

Brenda S

Took my new kitten for her first exam and shots yesterday. Dr. Alex is great! Took time to explain everything to me, check her out good and he scheduled her next appt for me. Everyone was very friendly and helpful!! Will be recommending to anyone that is looking for an awesome Vet that is reasonably priced and cares about the furbabies!!

Ian C

Dr. Alex is amazing! He’s wonderful with our 2 dogs. He takes his time doing the exams and is patient answeing all our questions. He really shows that he cares! I would recommend him to everyone!

Sujoy S

Good caring staff

Susan P

I have taken more than 1 animal to see Dr. Alex and his staff. Love of animals always come first to them. They’re awesome!

Jennifer W

Took our dog there Friday. We didn’t have an appointment but the staff were super sweet and worked us in. Dr. Alex was gentle and explained everything. Super nice guy. Glenda, the vet tech was wonderful, too. And their fees are MUCH LESS than some of the other local vet offices in this area. Our dog is feeling so much better 2 days later. We highly recommended Dr. Alex Avila.

David P

They Were AMAZING WITH our KoZMo!!!… They went above and beyond…(in the smallest of ways!)… But it meant so much!!!…

He is doing great after his surgery and back to his normal ways!!!!…

Ale A

Loved loved the vet.. he’s awesome super friendly with the animals and humans too!! Lol. The front desk staff is super sweet .

Kaersa P

We changed vets after a bad experience. One of my dogs is very scared but the Doctor was so understanding and caring. During appointments you feel like the Doctor is really taking his time and not rushing you out the door. His staff is wonderful as well. So happy we found him.

Jennifer S

It seems Dr. Alex loves my dogs (almost) as much as I do! One of them is so nervous and trembles but one touch from the doctor calms him right down. Dr. Alex is thorough, patient with me and my dogs, and is always willing to answer any question.

Ashley H

Dr. Alex is amazing with our dogs. We met him at another vet’s office and when we found out he had his own practice we switched to him. We drive almost an hour across town because my dogs actually like going to see him. His staff is also wonderful. They go above and beyond to accommodate your pet’s and family’s needs. Dr. Alex also doesn’t break the bank when it comes to vet bills. We have a dog with a ton of medical issues and his practice offers several programs that allow me to provide affordable care to my furkid that has almost monthly vet visits. Dr. Alex is a great vet!

Megan S

Absolutely AMAZING staff, Dozer was very comfortable and slept through most of the exam and shots. Plus he loved the treats! Dr. Alex was great, will definitely be keeping them as our vet and referring others! Very clean professional and have a love for the animals! Thank you for a great experience!

Sherry D

I definitely recommend you try this vet out. They are so wonderful and caring here.

Lisa V

I wish we would have taken our dog to Dr. Alex first. We had gone to several vets to get our dogs reoccurring limp examined. They just gave him pain medicine and sent us on our way with a caution to rest it. After seeing Dr. Alex at PetXpert we learned that he has a chronic joint issue and what to do when it flares up.

Susan P

The prices were super reasonable but more importantly they are an excellent clinic. I was seen at a time that was good for me, the wait was minimal. The doctor took his time going over my dog’s history. The doctor and the entire staff genuinely care for the animals and my dog. The place was clean and state of the art. I drove from an hour away to see this place and it is now the permanent doctor for my dogs.

MaryAnne F

Excellent staff very friendly, very personable and understanding, compassionate, would definitely recommend them to anyone

Angel D.

Doctor Alex is great!! First time there for any emergency visit. He was so compassionate and concerned for the dog and us as well. He was on the floor with the sick dog checking her out. He diagnosed her with Pyometra very quickly. He scheduled her for the surgery next day. The surgery was a complete success. He also should us the “empressive ” mass as he called it. She is home recovering. We are fortunate to have another great vet in Apopka. He prices we very good. Would recommend him highly. And they are open on Sunday ++

Sam G.

We adopted Jake and we heard about PetXpert from the adoption agency. It is within walking distance of our house so we took Jake there as a puppy. Everyone at PetXpert was great to deal with and treated us and Jake like they had known us forever. We have referred others to go and they have all been happy!

Catelyn J.

Dr Alex is so amazing! He takes such could care of you and your dog making sure you understand everything. They’ve even called to check on my pups to follow up, amazing place. I wouldn’t take my dogs anywhere else.

Samantha K

I heard about this office because I had two puppies I was fostering and had to take them in. Dr. Alex and his staff took such great care of them, even answered my after hours call for questions I had. Then I decided to switch my own dog, Piper’s vet and go to Dr. Alex instead, perfect experience, so perfect that my dog threw a temper tantrum in the waiting area and refused to leave because she was loving it there! Dr. Alex had to help me get her out of the building lol. Thank you for taking such great care of my pets!

Kenny Lee V

Dr. Alex and his staff are excellent, the care they give your pet is on and beyond the scope of any other Vet I have witnessed. I wouldn’t be go anywhere else, Thank you Pet Xpert.

Sophia R

Absolutely loved the care we received! The staff was profesional and friendly. I can’t say enough about them. Thank you for taking such good care of our doggie and being sensitive towards our needs. You guys rock!!!!

Rallda A

Dr Alex is an amazing individual and doctor, so caring and kind . He was there for my pet and family throughout my pet’s chemo treatment. His assistant Glenda is a blessing, always super sweet. So glad I was referred to such a great doctor. Highly recommend him.

Olivia A.

Dr. Alex and his staff are really wonderful to work with. My dog is much less anxious at their practice and doesn’t try to find the doors and rush out even after her appointment, which is not typically the case. The vet takes time to explain to me what is happening and discuss concerns also. Prices are reasonable. The staff treat you like family.

Robert W.

Very kind and knowledgeable staff. Took the time to answer all my questions and even gave me a tour of the facilities.. I’ll be going back for all my animal’s needs.

Brandy S.

Words would not be able to describe how the vet and Glenda are they make you feel like your family they take care of your babies like they are their babies and they work with you and they try everything they can to help your baby feel better all my kids love the vet and Glenda my little boy buster like Glenda so every time he has to go to the vet and she’s there he’s got to get beautified all I can say I can’t ask for a better veterinarian office. They are awesome.

Laura T.

Dr. Alex is taking amazing care of our German Shepherd, Axel. He is extremely thorough, kind, and genuinely loves the pets who come in to see him!

Amy D.

I would highly recommend Dr. Alex to anyone. He was wonderful with my yorkie Bella and explained everything very thoroughly. So glad to have found a vet that Bella and myself are comfortable with.

Fiorella D.

Dr. Avila is a great veterinarian. He is very compassionate with the pets. He really loves what he does.

Keila C.

The doctor is amazing. He took care and did my dog’s second knee surgery. He gave her proper meds and her recuperation time was cut in half because of his good care. We just got a new puppy and I am very happy that Dr. Alex opened his own practice.

Diana P.

Thank you, Dr. Alex for being there for Rosie in her final moments. She was a good girl who deserved your loving professionalism at the end. Your guidance means so much to me. I’m recommending you and your gorgeous new office to everyone.

Tina R.

Dr Alex Avila saved my boy Botahz (cat) 16 year old.3 Dr’s before couldn’t find diagnostic. I was hopeless and heart broken to see my boy dying in front of my eyes. I am so grateful a friend mentioned me about Alex . He is kind, explains each detail and spends time with you. Thank you Dr Alex for saving Botahz. I highly recommend bringing your pet to him.
Tina R.

Jennifer S.

Our Maltese, Guinness, got caught up on his vaccinations here tonight. Friendly, professional staff, state-of-the-art equipment, spotless facilities, and the price was right. Six stars out of five!!

Maha Q.

I have rescued a lot of cats and have been to many many vets. So trust me when I say this, Dr. Alex has the best bedside manners I have ever come across. I could tell just how much he cared for my 15 year old kitty cause he was so gentle and friendly towards her. When I first arrived he spent some time showing me the facility, which I have never experienced before. Also he listened to everything earnestly and spent quite a lot of time with my cat.
He was so polite, even listening to me worry about my other cat who wasn’t even there and giving me honest advice about what to do. He also tried to save me money, I mean who does that? No vet I have ever met prior to Dr. Alex. Lastly, the first exam is free! So it’s a no brainer for me who my new vet is 

Linda R.

“Was very pleased with Dr Alex was very caring to my little old dog. He is very smart DMV and gave us options. Got a tour of the entire place everything was clean and equipment was new and up to date. Dr and assistant were both friendly. Very pleasant They are going to be my vet.”

Sandra M.

Dr Alex has been the veterinarian of our little Khloe for two years. Very professional and caring with his patients. I would recommend him 200%.

Victor and Ashley L.

Dr. Alex is absolutely phenomenal. He answered all of our questions and took great care of my dog when he was neutered.

Melina P

Dr. Alex is an amazing veterinarian! I would seriously recommend bringing your pet to his clinic. He’s very caring and you can tell he loves making our fur babies feel better (:


Apopka friends and family. There is a new veterinary clinic near you, that I highly recommend. They have evening appointments and even Sunday appointments! Dr. Alex is wonderful and he truly cares about the animals. He is patient and listens. The clinic is beautiful and is in a great location.


Pet Xpert Animal Clinic recently provided care for my elderly male cat – and I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience! Upon entering the clinic, I felt extremely welcomed by the entire staff and truly felt that my pet was their primary concern. The clinic is modern, bright and clean. Dr. Alex spent an ample amount of time examining my pet, he thoroughly explained all of my options, answered all of my questions, and took time to demonstrate treatment. He even personally called to deliver my cat’s bloodwork results. This place is awesome and I would recommend Pet Xpert Animal Clinic to anyone looking for quality veterinary care at a reasonable price.

Steph A.

Let me just start with this fact: I drive 50 minutes away from my house just to take my pets to Pet Xpert! My experience at Pet Xpert Animal Clinic was beyond what I ever expected, there isn’t a positive and powerful enough adjective to describe the amazing treatment Dr. Alex and his staff gave me and my pets! I GUARANTEE that you will not find another vet like Dr. Alex, he will personally answer EVERY single question you have in detail and even sometimes draw a diagram for you (haha)! If you love your pets like family and want the absolute best for them I recommend PET XPERT ANIMAL CLINIC 100%!! In summation: Excellent staff, professionalism, sterile environment, compassionate, top technology equipment..! Thank you Pet Xpert Animal Clinic Best of wishes, Stephany (myself), Minina (cat), and Huesito (dog)!

Yesse V

There are very few people in the veterinary profession who love people as much as they love working with pets. Dr. Avila is a kind soul and very brilliant man! I would forever trust the lives of my pets in his very capable hands!!

Sarah H.

El mejor veterinario !!! Con toda confianza en su profesionalismo y su tenacidad hasta llegar a lo mejor!!


Excellent people with your best interest as their biggest concern! Family owned and great service, clinic and prices!!! HIGHLY advised to anyone interested.


My cat Tinker was rescued by Dr. Alex and adopted by me. Of course, he has been her veterinarian ever since. His hands are gentle and he has a special kindness for the pets he cares for. I wouldn’t take her to anyone else. Recently, Tinker had the privilege of being Dr. Alex’s first patient in his new clinic. He knew right away what was wrong with her and how to treat her. She had a full recovery in a few days. I’m so happy he will have this new clinic so many more pets can receive his loving treatment and “Xpert” care