Pet Xpert Animal Clinic is supported solely by fees collected. We believe our fees are reasonable and we ask that payment be made in full at the time service is rendered. We accept any of the following methods of payment: cash, debit and the following credit cards: VISA, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. The account holder of credit cards must be present for processing. We also accept Care Credit and can help you with the forms needed if you have Pet Insurance. Below are some more details on these payment options.


We’re pleased to offer our clients CareCredit® No Interest Payment Plans. CareCredit works just like a regular credit card, but is exclusive for health care services, offering no-interest and low interest payment terms, zero hidden fees, and low minimum monthly payments. Click the link below to apply now!

Note: To search for our clinic in application process, type: petxpert.


Many owners purchase pet insurance to help them afford veterinary health care. The staff of Pet Xpert Animal Clinic is pleased to provide you with copies of your pet medical records for submission to your insurance company. Simply discuss the matter with the receptionist at your next appointment or contact us for more information.

Here is a list of pet insurance companies to explore:

Please research these companies thoroughly, or visit the Pet Insurance University to help you evaluate which pet insurance plan is best for you and your pet.


Prescription drugs, such as antibiotics, anesthetics, and anti-inflammatory, are drugs, which “Federal law restricts to the use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.” FDA controls their use because they have the potential to cause harm if used inappropriately. State law further restricts the FDA definition by allowing veterinarians to prescribe drugs to only patients in which a Client-Patient-Veterinarian relationship exists yearly. Prescriptions that are sold to you cannot be returned.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (407) 886-PETS (7387).